3 Things You Should Do Today

Hi there everybody, Chris Giles from the Builders’ Club here with a quick three tips. These three tips are really about building your career and building our life. While that applies to your career, it really applies to your life. Because of course life is sales, sales is life. And this important. And we follow these three tips on all parts of our life. And they’re as follows.

1. Never Stop Learning

It’s important to never stop learning. As a student as a young person, we’re forced to go to school. And as we graduate after university, then that learning in my cases stop. We recommend differently. We recommend that you read books, you spend time with different people, and you search out. Heres a tip for you. Why don’t you ask to take your boss out for coffee one day after work and ask them 10 questions. Be prepared for those 10 questions. You’ll be surprised how the relationship between the two of you will grow and develop. Try that.

2. Planning

It’s really important when you plan in your life, that if you plan for something you’ll have success. I want you to plan two items. These two items are personal in nature, but they will drive your career as well. Number one is I want you to plan a vacation for the next 12 months. Number two, I want you to plan a large purchase you’re gonna do. Whether that be a cottage, a house, a care, or for that matter a new item you want to buy.

3. Problems are Opportunities

Problems are opportunities because that’s the time when everybody’s paying attention. Problems are the opportunities because that’s the time when everybody’s rushing towards the situation to try and fix it. I want you to take a different approach. I want to make sure that not only do you reflect on what problems and what opportunities came about, but more importantly in the future i want you to attack a problem. And I want you to ask lots of questions. So you can understand what went wrong and what could have happened from it.

The three things are as follows, again. Learning. Make sure you make an effort to learn. Try that little item with your boss. Planning. Make sure you plan those two things and more importantly, have some smart goals that go out one, three, and five, years. And now I want you treat every problem as an opportunity. I want you to be just like the firemen, that they go this way when everybody else is going this way. If you’re the person that’s going that way when everybody else is going that way, you’ll be the one that figures things out and is right there to try and help everybody.

Try and use those three things to build your career, to build your success, to change the way you operate. Thank you. My name is Chris Giles, The Faktori. Those are three tips today, change the way your world operates.

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