8 Ways Successful Sales People Build Influence

Influencing others starts with understanding what motivates us as people. Being aware of tactics that influence behaviors allows us to identify which situations require which actions. Building influence helps explain how and why many selling skills actually work and how mastering these tactics will help you. Selling is embracing these influencing tactics and choosing your message based on them. Social scientists have researched and identified 8 ways in which humans are influenced. By understanding each of them, you will be able to recognize when you can use one or more to gain influence ethically.

1) Authority

People follow advice when it comes from a source that appears to have authority on the subject.

2) Reciprocity

People feel the need to return favors when one has been bestowed on them. Everything must have give and take.

3) Rapport

Individuals are more likely to follow the advice of someone they like or share a common interest with. Build a rapport with your customers based on shared interests to show you understand and value their ideas.

4) Logic

People will follow advice that makes logical and reasonable sense. Be able to provide constant clarity to your customers.

5) Efficiency

People seek the simplest solution. Demonstrate the efficiency of you and your product or service to gain agreement and reason.

6) Consistency

People act consistently with their behavior, communication, and commitments. As a salesperson, you must demonstrate how your product or service is in line with your customers’ culture and meets your promise.

7) Social Evidence

People follow the actions of others. By leveraging references and testimonials, you will create a sense of envy that is highly desirable.

8) Scarcity

People want what they can’t have. Salespeople can use this principle to leverage the limited-time at which products or services are available.

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