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The Faktori recruits talent to fuel your growth
Recruiting Interview

People Faktori

The People Faktori helps businesses achieve their dreams by building stronger teams. Founded after years of experience hiring and managing strong teams, we understand the challenges organizations face in building high performing teams that achieve consistent results. We focus on being the best at building your team, fueling your business with talent that allows you to focus on growing your business. No matter the role, our proven process reduces your time to hire while bringing you the talent that meets the unique dynamics of your business.


Customer Facing Roles

You are looking for a representative that owns their accounts and the results they bring.

Executive Roles

You need a committed leader for your company to build the future of your organization.


You are hiring junior team members and want to find the best communicators through GEARS.

Any Role Where People Matter

The Faktori has designed its process with people in mind. Using our GEARS process, we provide hiring managers with the opportunity to see candidates soft skills the moment they are presented.


  • Understand Your Needs

    We understand the dynamics of your company and the role using our proven GEARS profile

  • Source Matching Talent

    We perform a GEARS analysis on targeted candidates to source talent that will be a fit for your role

  • Meet and Measure

    We use feedback from every interview to improve future selection criteria

  • Hire & Grow through Sales

    We help assure the success and growth of your talent through our DREAMS assessment


Finding the Right Fit

Your company and the roles that allow it to succeed are unique. In order to keep the machine that is your company growing, each gear must be working perfectly in unison. That’s why every professional we place is selected based on how their GEARS meet the companies GEARS for the opportunity available.


We look to understand what drives each candidate and their ability to goal set to achieve success.


What experience will help the candidate to succeed in the new role? We leverage the past to identify future opportunities.


What has your ideal candidate achieved in their career? How will these achievements allow them to succeed in your role?


How does the candidate relate to others? Sales requires building strong relationships, understanding how effective a candidate is at building them is key to role fit.


What skills will the candidate need to succeed in the role? Ramping up quickly requires that the necessary technical and soft skills are met.


We review how driven the employee is in their new role and how this changes from rookie to veteran.


How is the employee building relationships both internally and externally? Relationship management is essential to long-term success.


Has the employee committed to learning your business and industry? What resources are available to assist in their education?


What kind of influence does the employee’s attitude have on themselves and the team? Are they a leader or a follower? Do they have the leadership, initiative, and self-starter attitude to succeed?


How does the employee work with the management and structure of the organization? How can management support the employee’s growth?

Sales Skills

Does the employee have the skills required to succeed in sales? Can improved structure, process, and organization better support their results?


Measuring Success

After hiring a new employee, determining how to best manage the employee and determine whether the fit was successful is essential to long-term success. After finding a fit for your role, we work with you to review the result of the placement through our DREAMS review process.