Our Company

A look at the Dream Builders

Our Story

The Faktori was founded by serial entrepreneur, Chris Giles, after selling his previous business. His success in building strong companies has followed his lifestyle philosophy of building dreams. This is the cornerstone of Chris’ lifestyle which led him to the creation of the Faktori.

Having hired, managed, trained and worked alongside sales representatives his whole career, Chris recognized the need for a sales focused resource to help companies better sell their products. The Faktori was created to help develop and place sales talent while assuring that the structure and process companies leverage are designed to achieve results.

Today, The Faktori works with businesses large and small to maximize the results their sales teams achieve. We are a team of sales experts with a mission to make a difference in our customers’ businesses.

Our Mission

Make a Difference in the businesses, careers, and lives of the companies and individuals we work with. We only succeed when our customers do.

MAD Movement

The Make A Difference (MAD) Movement encourages the belief that any action, regardless of size, will Make A Difference to others. Even the simplest gestures can have a huge impact and will inspire the continued growth of the Movement.

Our founder, Chris, founded the MAD Movement in 2008 in order to highlight the opportunity we all have to impact one another. The Faktori supports the MAD Movement and encourages you to join us in our shared mission of making a difference for others.

Our Culture

We believe in Living the Dream. Our team pushes the limits every day, both in the office and out of it in order to get the most out of every day. Carpediem is our mantra and our team lives it.

Join Our Team

Come and join our growing team. We are always looking for talented professionals to grow with us. Receive experience, education, and unlimited opportunity at The Faktori. If you believe you can make a difference on our team, reach out to us and let us know how.

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