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Invest in a high-performance mindset for your team. Partner with the Faktori to develop the skills your team needs to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Training and coaching that builds a high performance culture among your team. Focus on results.

Companies are only as strong as the people that make them up. We accelerate the individual.

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All our courses are built on five simple beliefs

Whether you’re in sales, engineering, accounting, or operations, how you manage and communicate your work has the same underlying threads. We build every course we teach around these core beliefs.

Sales is the simple act of influencing an outcome through communication. Whether you’re closing on a deal, implementing organizational change or putting your kids to bed, you are selling. We teach you to hone this communication skill.

People don’t like being sold. Through embracing a consultative sales approach to help educate your customer on the right purchase for their needs you can form a partnership from the first conversation.

Communication is the key to your world. Learning to communicate with confidence about the information you are knowledgeable about is one of the most important skills you can learn. Are you a competent, confident, communicator?

How do you know when you’ve arrived if you don’t know where you’re going? Setting SMART goals is an essential first step to generating results.

Everything we do should be in an effort to make a difference for ourselves and others. Business is all about making a difference for your customers.

See it in action!

Want to see how we train teams? Click below to watch a preview of our coach Chris Giles training a team on “Helping Your Customer Buy”.


Sales Training

Upgrade your sales skills and develop the soft and technical skills that unlock results

People Skills Training

Help employees build a plan that integrates their  personal and professional lives

Leadership Training

Unlock the power of your team through supportive and critical leadership

Communication Training

Invest in the universal skill everyone needs. Outcomes are created through communication

Custom Training

Customized Training

Every business is different. We work with you to build the course your company needs.

Results Coach

Invest in a plan to receive customized monthly curriculum and hands-on sales coaching.

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