Build your Sales Results

The Skills Faktori trains and builds professionals to achieve results

How The Faktori Builds Your Dreams

The Faktori offers a full range of training programs designed to enable all members of an organization. Whether training sales professionals to close more deals or developing communication skills and life planning for every role, The Faktori will make a difference. Check out the courses offered or reach out to us to learn how we customize the curriculum to meet your organization’s challenges.

Sales Training

Understand the Science of Sales
The Faktori’s full sales training curriculum targeting junior to experienced sales professionals. The 2-day experience focusses on developing the sales skills and disciplined process that generate results.

Career Development

Build Your Team’s Future
Shift is The Faktori’s career accelerator program designed to help employees accelerate into their role. The 1-day experience develops the students’ interpersonal skills while working with them to build a roadmap for their future.

Invest in Results

How Faktori Courses Make a Difference

All of the Faktori’s curriculum is built around the same principles. We want to enable you or your team to achieve the results you want. Through developing communication skills, sharing strategies and embedding an effective process, we unlock the potential already within.
Goal Alignment
Learn effective goal setting for both professional and personal life.
Build Leadership
Understand and develop core leadership principles.
Competent Confident Communication
Communicate with confidence based on your knowledge.
Tailor Communication Styles
Not everyone is the same, communicate to them on their level.
Establish Process
Leverage proven process to execute in sales or any situation.
Help the Customer Buy
Nobody wants to be sold, but they might need help buying.

Your Place or Ours?

The Faktori’s training room was built to foster growth and inspiration. “The Fort”, as we call it, features everything required to provide a memorable training experience. Whether you join us at our location in Oakville or have us come to you, we believe the environment plays a key role in sparking development.

The Faktori Fort

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