Sales Training

Decoding the Science of Sales


4 P’s to Sales Success

Our Decoding the Science of Sales course trains students based on the 4 P’s of Sales Success. Sales is an untaught science that is misunderstood by most. Through understanding the people you interact with, the products you represent, the process under which you sell and the metrics by which you measure your performance; you will increase your success.
  • People

    Unpack customer profiling and communication skills to build stronger relationships with ease

  • Product

    Develop in depth product knowledge, targeting the underlying need your product services

  • Process

    Develop a personalized sales processes to maximize your return on sales effort

  • Performance

    Measure to assure growth in your results and make adjustments to improve the outcome

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Course Takeaways

How Sales Training Makes a Difference

The Faktori’s Sales training curriculum is built to provide sales professionals with the skills, tactics and strategies to succeed in sales. The course is taught by a seasoned entrepreneur and sales professional focussed on developing communication skills, sharing strategies and embedding proper sales process management. Invest in results today.
Improved Financial Results
Full focus on developing sustainable financial growth in sales.
Objection Handling Tactics
Learn and deploy steps to navigate objections and turn deals.
Competent Confident Communication
Communicate with confidence based on your knowledge.
Tailor Communication Styles
Not everyone is the same, communicate to them on their level.
Establish Process
Leverage proven process to execute in sales or any situation.
Help the Customer Buy
Nobody wants to be sold, but they might need help buying.

Why Get Sales Training?

Faktori Sales Training focusses on the core skills, and duties of succeeding in sales. Whether you sell shoes or machinery, these fundamentals are the foundation of your success. Connect with us to learn how The Faktori can make a difference in your business.

Create Your Target Profile

Increased Lead Quality

Build Rapport & Boost Influence

Communicate Your Value

Uncover the Need & Pain

Counter Objection With Confidence

Strength in the Close

Foster Long-Term Relationships

Focus on the Results

Invest to get results.
Book 15 minutes to understand how.