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Shift Career Accelerator


Building Your Roadmap

Our Shift Career Accelerator course guides students through 4 sections to build out their life roadmap. Throughout university, students are provided with ongoing education and knowledge to support them through the next assessment. In many programs, however, the eduction does not develop the soft, interpersonal skills that are essential to success in the workplace. Shift was designed to help everyone Shift gears and accelerate into the next stage of their life.
  • Identity

    Establishing what's important to you to start building a life plan

  • Communication Skills

    Learning to communicate more effectively to better shape your world

  • Mindset

    Establishing self management tactics and leadership principles

  • Roadmap

    Building a set of goals along a roadmap to bring your vision of your life to reality

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Course Takeaways

How the Shift Accelerator Makes a Difference

Shift develops the interpersonal skills necessary to build your career and foster relationships. Students learn how to become more effective communicators, presenters, employees, and individuals. The business and personal gains students learn allow them greater control to Make a Difference for themselves and others through life planning.
Accelerate Career Growth
Create and launch a life plan with goals to strive for.
Problem Solving Tactics
Learn and deploy steps to turn problems in to opportunities.
Competent Confident Communication
Communicate with confidence based on your knowledge.
Tailor Communication Styles
Not everyone is the same, communicate to them on their level.
Establish Process
Leverage proven process to execute in sales or any situation.
Team Building & Collaboration
Leverage the existing resources surrounding you. Work together to build dreams together.

Why Train Your Team?

The Faktori’s Shift Program focusses on core interpersonal skills and building a plan to succeed in your career. Whether you sell shoes or machinery, these fundamentals are the foundation of your success. Connect with us to learn how The Faktori can make a difference in your results!

Create your Life Roadmap

Understand What's Important to You

Build Rapport & Boost Influence

Active Listening Skills

Leverage a Process

Counter Objection With Confidence

Work Life Harmony

Foster Long-Term Relationships

Focus on the Results

Invest to get results.
Book 15 minutes to understand how.