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The People Faktori helps sales professionals grow their careers through connecting talent with sales roles. As a team of salespeople, we understand the challenges that sales professionals face in standing out on paper. We focus on building strong and understanding relationships with our customers and candidates in order to identify matches that allow everyone to succeed. Using our GEARS and DREAMS processes, we help to spark careers that are launchpads for personal growth.


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Finding the Right Opportunity

You, your experience, and your goals are unique; that’s why we believe in understanding you deeper than your resume. We created GEARS to enable us to learn your GEARS and how they match the ideal GEARS of our available opportunities.


We look to understand what drives you and how you set goal set to achieve success.


What experience do you have that will help you succeed in a new role? We leverage the past to identify future opportunities.


What achievements are you most proud of? How will these achievements allow you to succeed in your new role?


How do you relate to others? Finding the right fit requires understanding what roles your relationship style may be most compatible with.


What skills do you have that will help you succeed? Ramp up speed will be affected by your existing skills.


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